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Delicious, Nutritious Sweet Potatoes, Any Way, Any Season You Want Them.

Providing the world’s best sweet potatoes to meet our customers’ needs is our passion. We grow, pack and deliver them to meet your preferred size, quality and packing configuration. Southern Produce offers Covington and Beauregard along with certain varieties of white sweet potatoes from our fields across North Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana.

The Covington sweet potato was developed at North Carolina State University in 2005. Its smooth, rose-colored skin and delicious sweet taste have made it a favorite of restaurants, retailers and consumers. In addition, Covington offers a very uniform shape and has a superior shelf life.

The Beauregard was developed at Louisiana State University in the 1980’s and is noted for its light, moist orange flesh, sweet taste and red-orange skin. This is the most popular sweet potato variety grown in the Gulf Coast region.