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From Our Farms to Your Shelf, Year-Round Sweet Potato Goodness.

Southern Produce’s reputation for superior year-round quality, personal service and unrivaled value has enabled us to build decades-long relationships with leading grocery chains of all sizes across North America and Europe. Just as shoppers expect grocers to provide superior quality products delivered at the peak of nutrition and taste, buyers know they can count on Southern Produce Distributors to provide them with sweet potatoes that meet their precise needs, pricing and schedule.

We grow and source our sweet potatoes from the rich growing areas of North Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana to ensure availability of the highest quality products. Handpicked, cured and stored in controlled atmosphere environments, our sweet potatoes are inspected, sized and packed to meet the exact specifications of our grocer partners. With our advanced door-to-door delivery capabilities and our field-to-store tracking system, you can be sure that your stores receive exactly the product you need to keep your shoppers happy and coming back. In addition to the world’s most delicious and nutritious sweet potatoes, we can also provide you with nutritional data, recipes and information about how your customers can best store, prepare and serve our sweet potatoes.

Our experienced sales team members are sweet potato experts and can answer any questions you might have in either English or Spanish.