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Amazing Made-to-Order Sweet Potato Taste And Nutrition That You Can Depend On.

Because of their delicious taste, versatility and amazing nutrition, sweet potato dishes are among the hottest food items on the menus of restaurants today. From the finest eateries to the largest fast food chains, restaurants and foodservice companies trust Southern Produce Distributors to provide the consistent, high quality product needed to meet even the most discerning customer’s demands.

At Southern Produce, we understand the high standards and consistency needed by the foodservice industry and work with our clients to customize a program to meet their exacting product, packing and delivery needs. With our controlled environment storage facilities, logistics expertise, computerized sizing and packing capabilities, Southern Produce is able to provide customers with top quality sweet potatoes year round when and where they need them. We can establish a delivery schedule with the frequency and flexibility required to ensure that you’ll have access to the freshest product that will earn rave reviews from your chefs and customers.

For information about our restaurant and foodservice supply capabilities, contact us at 800-688-9267 or brendao@intrastar.net.