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Sweet Potatoes, The Super Delicious Super Food.

Nutritionists, scientists and consumers agree that sweet potatoes should be a part of any diet. The nutrition, vitamins, minerals and other health benefits that a serving of sweet potatoes delivers are unmatched by almost any other food. Consider that a single 105-calorie serving of sweet potatoes offers:

  •  Over 100% of daily requirement of Vitamin A
  •  Over 35% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C & manganese
  •  Over 25% of your daily requirement of potassium & Vitamin B6

Sweet potatoes are also rich in fiber, calcium and complex carbohydrates, loaded with beta-carotene and antioxidants and have a low glycemic index. It’s no surprise that the Center for Science in the Public Interest ranked sweet potatoes #1 in nutritional value of all vegetables.