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The World’s Best Sweet Potatoes, Delivered Fresh To Your Door, Wherever It May Be.

As one of the world’s leading providers of top quality sweet potatoes, Southern Produce has over twenty years experience exporting sweet potatoes to Canada, the UK and Europe. We offer complete field-to-store service to ensure that you get the exact size and quality sweet potatoes you need, packed and delivered to your precise specifications when and where you need them. With our integrated grower, packer, and exporter capabilities and GLOBALG.A.P. certification, we can provide you with great tasting, highly nutritious sweet potatoes whenever you need them.

Enjoy Best-of-Crop Sweet Potatoes Regardless of the Weather.
To be sure we can always provide you with delicious, nutritious sweet potatoes regardless of the growing conditions, in addition to our own extensive sweet potato acreage in North Carolina, we also contract with top, GLOBALG.A.P. certified growers in Mississippi and Louisiana to provide us with the best quality sweet potatoes from those rich growing regions.

Guaranteeing Sweet Potato Quality, Nutrition and Taste Year-Round, Around the World.
After being hand picked, our sweet potatoes go to our special climate controlled storage and packing facilities to begin the curing process. Freshly harvested potatoes are cured at precise temperature and humidity levels to protect the outer surface of the sweet potato while enhancing their overall sweetness and taste. After our sweet potatoes are cured, they are stored in computer-monitored, controlled atmosphere storage areas at 14.4º C and 85% humidity to maintain their great taste and extend the shelf life of the sweet potato. Then when you place your orders, our sweet potatoes are washed, graded, inspected and packed according to your exact specifications within hours of receiving the orders. You can be sure when you buy from Southern Produce Distributors, you will always get your sweet potatoes at their peak of flavor and nutrition.

As experienced, direct exporters of sweet potatoes, we utilize the quickest, most dependable transportation means to be sure your sweet potatoes arrive as ordered. And we keep in constant communication with shippers to be sure your product is delivered according to specifications. All cartons and packaging are bar coded for tracking, so that they can be traced back to where they were grown, stored and shipped if needed.