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Carefully Monitored Curing and Storage, The Secret To Great Sweet Potato Taste.

Our freshly harvested sweet potatoes are cured at the precise temperature and humidity to enhance the overall sweetness and taste of the sweet potatoes. Curing helps heal scars and tighten the sweet potato’s skin, which improves its outer surface to protect it. Potatoes that haven’t been cured generally lack the sweetness and texture that consumers prefer.

Once our sweet potatoes are properly cured, they are moved into computer-monitored, climate-controlled storage and kept precisely at 55ºF with 85% humidity to maintain their great taste and product quality. Southern Produce has climate-controlled storage capacity for more than 2,000,000 bushels of sweet potatoes, so we can deliver to order top quality sweet potatoes year round to meet our customers’ needs. Southern Produce has been a pioneer in shipping cured sweet potatoes year round to Europe and Canada.