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A 75-Year Tradition Of Quality And Innovation.


Southern Produce is one of the leading providers of high quality, nutritious sweet potatoes and peppers to markets across the US, Canada, UK and Europe. With a focus on constant improvement and a solid desire to better meet customer needs, Southern Produce has been proactive in raising product quality for our customers from farm to table by:

  •  Expanding our farm providers to include leading producers in North Carolina, Mississippi & Louisiana in order to ensure product availability regardless of weather conditions
  •  Selecting premier product varieties for greater consistency, taste and nutrition
  •  Controlled curing of all products to deliver consistently better taste
  •  Utilizing controlled environment storage to maintain product quality and allow for a consistent year round supply
  •  Incorporating computer-assisted sizing for more consistent product delivery in desired sizes
  •  Providing technology enhanced product traceability via GITN barcodes
  •  Delivering a superior level of customer service