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Uncompromising Quality, Taste And Nutrition, Since 1942. The World’s Best Sweet Potatoes.

When your goal is to consistently provide the world’s best-tasting, most nutritious sweet potatoes to customers in the US, Canada, UK and Europe, going the extra mile is just part of the job. When you grow, pack and ship more than 3 million bushels annually, it means going a lot of extra miles.

To meet this goal at Southern Produce, we grow and select only the highest-quality sweet potatoes from leading GLOBALG.A.P. certified farms in North Carolina. Hand picked to protect the product, these top quality sweet potatoes are heat cured and held in computer-monitored, controlled enviroment storage to ensure optimal quality, nutrition and taste. We then inspect, sort, pack and ship those sweet potatoes on demand, year round, to meet the exacting needs of our customers.


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From Our Farms to Your Shelf, Year-Round Sweet Potato Goodness.

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Amazing Made-to-Order Sweet Potato Taste And Nutrition That You Can Depend On.


The Right Sweet Potatoes At The Right Price.

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Man’s Best Friends Deserve The World’s Best Sweet Potatoes.

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